news & updates


    i added links to (hopefully) everyone's livejournal that is on #texas.
    i also updated various information on various people.
    and i updated this page. :)
    more to come.


    ok you bitches.
    i've redone the people section, and i need you to do me a big ol' favor.

    i want to put only new and/or very current pictures of everyone on it (preferably end of 2000/beginning of 2001 current); get correct and updated webpage links; and get current locations. so por favor send me an email with the new info and i might give you a special treat.

    also, i went ahead and placed pics on the peoplepage that i had - if you want to keep them, ewe rawk; if not, send me a new one dammit.


    Started work on completely redoing the website.
    More stuff to be added/changed soon.
    I'd like to have new, updated pictures of everyone, so prettypleasewithsugarontop send me an email with the pic, and i'll be a happysam.


    Added links to pics from the last two YHOP parties in the pictures section.
    Next party is new years at raina's! Click on party! for more info.
    Updated all people sections.
    If you want to be added to the #texas page, email ironic with the request, plus your location info, a picture, and a webpage link.


    Added pics for Jabbers and Opgoddess in North Texas section.


    Moved dragoness, kidchaos, and spill to Austin section.


    Big update:
    Added and moved countless people and redesigned a few pages in the People section.
    Decided to place people together by region instead of city in the People section for easier updating.
    Added a new Pictures section to the buttons on the left which includes party photos both old and new.


    Aile added to Houston section.
    Sistrmoon moved to Austin section.


    Houston section updated with new pics.


    Can you believe it? There's a new webmaster.
    Feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or suggestions about the #texas page.