here are some pics from new years eve 1999 parties at raina/dave's and brian/cheryl's

it's raina! and brandye! hooray!

amy does her impression of xmas lights

rip van gus

no frank, tell us what you REALLY think about gus, brent, and phil

therese and some guy

"so, wanna just go in the bedroom?"

therese, a lesbian's dream


brent, gus, and phil try not to laugh at the drunk therese

touch my ass! love it!

oh aren't they......cute.....

oh yea?? well take that!

phil: "damn, brent looks scrumptious tonight"
brent: "mmm mmm...screw laura...i need a piece of the phil pie"

"yes, god dammit, i am the token black man at this party!"

donna and therese