#texas rules
channel rules

Let's start out with the bad. Here is what NOT to say...

  • Is everyone here from Texas?
    Most people are. Some are not. Read the FAQ for more information. Chances are people are there because they are from Texas, or have some interest in #texas, or have friends in Texas, or something. Why else would the channel be called "#texas"?

  • Why does everyone have ops?
    We have ops because that is the way we like it. If you don't like it, too bad. No, you may not have ops, so don't even ask. Making stupid/obvious observations like "there sure are a lot of ops" or asking stupid questions asking why everyone has ops will surely get you kicked rather quickly, depending on how fast people can type out the kick command.

  • Are there any cute guys/girls?
    This is IRC. Chances are you won't like the answer. If you are on irc to pick someone up, then you are at the wrong place.

  • Age/Sex check
    Again, you are not going to hook up with anyone, and there are channels for the irretrievably desperate, but this is not one of them!

  • Anybody from the ---- area?
    Why ask that? Nobody will want to meet up with you anywhere, and somebody's location really shouldn't have anything to do with how enjoyable conversation with them will be.

  • Yelling WHOOP or HOOKEM HORNS! or something related
    A large portion of the participants on #texas are either attending UT or aTm. We never rag on each other about what school we go to or graduated from because we are all friends, and we have mutual respect for one another.

  • The only thing that comes from Texas are steers and queers
    This will automatically get you kick-banned. No if's, and's or but's about it! If there is anything worse than having an atrophied sense of humor, it's an atrophied, OUT-OF-DATE sense of humor.

  • Why was I kicked?
    If you were kicked, it was either for a reason, or one of us was bored, and needed someone to pick on. Read the kick message. If it isn't on your screen, get yourself a better client.

  • Why was I banned?
    Probably for breaking one of these rules. Suck it up and visit another channel until you can figure out how to behave.

  • Mass-messages to the channel
    Just say it out loud. If the channel is moderated, its because nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

  • Using scripts for ASCII art
    Weve all seen it, and it was lame when it was written five years ago.

  • Using mIRC colors
    Most of us dont see color -- we see inverted Cs and rows of numbers. Whatever effect you were shooting for, it only succeeded in making you annoying. This will more than likely get you banned.